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Christopher Edward Howes has been studying Music and Composition for over 25 years and has been fortunate to have had many sucesses within Film and Television.  

Chris has been a long time student of  composition, orchestration and music production through the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.​ 
Embarking on the road to becoming a professional composer and producer in the late 90's Chris began writing and producing Pop Music and working with artists from all over Western Canada and garnering some success through multiple Film and Television publishers.  
After having a work published on NBC's The Voice in its first season Chris was featured and Interviewed in the Taxi Music Insider Online Magazine. 
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in recent years Chris has returned to school studying composition for Film, Television and Video Games through the Berklee College of Music where he continues to hone his craft in Orchestral Composition and Film Scoring, he continues to compose for several Film and Television Publishers and enters orchestration and film scoring compeitions regularly.
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